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Professionals in the development of brand activation. We design, produce & develop products for the world’s biggest brands to create remarkable merchandise and premium goods with a sustainable agenda as a guideline.

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Netraco Textiles creates, develops, produces and distributes merchandise & premium goods. Usable for all kinds of brand activation, sponsorships, events and other brand opportunities with a sustainable agenda as a guideline. 

We offer an instant printing service with organic stock collection that includes a wide range of products. 

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Netraco Textiles focuses on offering sustainable and affordable premium textiles and fashion accessoires to multinationals, brands and licensed brands all over the world.

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8.0253.000 million
plastic bottles have already
been recycled trough us by our customers
This note updated on Aug 2021 

Netraco Textiles has invested in building a CR team, which comprises a Corporate Responsibility Manager in the Amsterdam office and a specialised Quality Assurance team which functions from our Shanghai office.

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