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100% Organic

Recycled & Cotton

We offer an instant printing service with organic stock collection that includes a wide range of products. With our sustainable goals we choose to work with Stanley/Stella, a brand that helps us to achieve our high social standards, Stanley/Stella is an active member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), a Dutch independent organization aiming at improving workers conditions of labour in the garment industry worldwide. Stanley/Stella is highly rated by FWF (Leader company) as they recognize our real commitment and the positive impact of our concrete local actions. 


Founded in 2012, Stanley/Stella is a 100% customizable, ready-to-wear lifestyle brand that offers quality products made with respect for people, nature and environment. Pioneers in the industry, the brand is eco-minimalist and creates timeless products. Based only on premium basics the brand privileges quality and ethics to offer the best promotional textiles.

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