Sustainable development goals 


 No poverty 

To end poverty, everyone should have basic healthcare, security and education.

All workers are paid at a fair price with no underpayment. Netraco Textiles works with factories working with a fair price and everyone gets fairly paid

 Good health 

Ensuring people live healthy lives can cut child mortality and raise life expectancy.

At Netraco Textiles, the health and well-being of the staff is of paramount importance. We are sure that all our staff working in good safe working conditions. All our products are manufactured on the existence of safe workplaces


 Economic growth 


The aim is for sustainable economic growth and decent employment for all.

In many countries, having a job does not automatically mean that you can escape poverty. Netraco Textiles only wants to work with factories and suppliers that target and deem everyone who can work should have the opportunity to work, under good working conditions. These jobs should boost economic growth without affecting the environment.

 Responsible consumption 

This goal aims to foster eco-friendly production, reduce waste and boost recycling.

Netraco Textiles tries to make the entire chain from supplier to consumer as aware as possible in order to prevent waste and unnecessary emissions. We are convinced that we must commit ourselves to ensure a responsible sustainable production process.